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Prom Problems

My daughter is going to her Senior Prom soon. She wants to stay out all night with her friends. I trust her not to do anything stupid, but I don’t think staying out all night is a good idea. She is furious with me as all her friends are allowed to stay out. What should I do?

Dear Prom Mom,

Prom season puts most parents on edge. We want our teens to have fun, but we know the dangers lurking on prom night. Some schools have started “safe proms” where the kids are locked in all night. Other schools require kids to pass a breathalyzer to enter. However, that doesn’t help with after parties once the prom is over. Find out what safety precautions, if any, your school is taking. Next, find out where the kids want to go after the prom. Are they staying at a friend’s house? A hotel? Or are they just roaming around? If they are staying at a friend’s call and talk to the parent. Will it be a dry house? What type of supervision will there be? Perhaps you’d like to host the after party?  

Your daughter is graduating high school. She’s excited. She’s ready to start her first few steps into adulthood. Talk to her about your expectations for her safe behavior on prom night. Role-play some scenarios with her so she knows how to avoid tricky situations. It’s good to start talking now about freedom and how she handles it. She will soon be out the door, off to college and out into the real world. And oh baby, it’s a wild world! Use prom night as a teaching moment for the freedom she will have in a handful of months. First year of college is one of the most dangerous for girls. Start preparing her for that now.