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Can Natural Male Enhancement Products Make Your Penis Bigger?

Can natural male enhancement products really make your penis larger? Like most men, I’m pretty interested in whether it’s possible to increase my size. So I spent a fair amount of time and energy researching and trying out penis enlargement techniques, products, and exercises.

First of all, male enhancement products such as penis pills don’t work to enlarge your penis (although they can give you harder and longer-lasting erections). And I was too nervous to try penis pumping because I heard that it’s easy to injure yourself. I did try jelqing, however, (slow, rhythmic pulling on the penis) but I gave up after a while because it’s just so tedious and time-consuming.

Of all the male enhancement products I tried to enlarge my penis, the only one that’s worked for me is an exercise I found in a penis enlargement program called Male extra. When I say it worked, I mean that I added about half an inch or so to my erection. But I still think that’s pretty amazing and I’m very happy with the results—especially since the exercise only takes between 5-10 minutes a day.

Here’s a quick overview of how this penis enlargement exercise works:

Your penis is comprised of three chambers. There are two large ones on top of your penis and a slimmer one which runs along the bottom of your penis.

When you get an erection, blood collects in the larger chambers. Your erection is limited to the size of these chambers and how much blood flows there. What this exercise does is increase the amount of blood these chambers can hold. It does this by gently breaking down the cell walls and drawing additional blood through them. The penis then repairs itself by growing the cells back bigger than before. After a while, your penis should be able to hold more blood, which means bigger erections.

This penis enlargement exercise is perfectly safe and doesn’t hurt or anything. Of course, the advertisements for Male extra claim you can add 1-4 inches! I don’t know about that, but I’ve been happy with the small amount I’ve been able to add with this simple and quick exercise. Compared to other male enhancement products that promise to enlarge your penis, this one’s a winner!