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Posted December 26, 2018Comments are off | Uncategorized

Calvin Klein Sex Offender

Calvin Klein has always pushed the envelope when it comes to advertising his jeans. But maybe this time he pushed past the boundaries of good taste and common sense. The age of his  female model in his newest billboard plastered over five stories in New York, maybe under 18. If so, word is he could be brought up on charges. Even if his model is legal age to be photographed half nude, does that make this billboard OK?

Let’s overlook the whole It’s-a-bad-depiction-of-girls, blah, blah, blah and look closer. There are three guys in the picture, and one female. What’s the end of the story Mr. Klein is setting up? One could say topless cute girl is in charge and going to do what Ms. Lauper sings about, ” Girls just wanna have fun!” On the other hand, topless cute girl could be headed for a gang rape. That’s a blunt term isn’t it? Sends shivers down my spine.

We are just into the warm slow days of summer, but soon, girls and guys will be headed to college, many of them for the first time. Freshman year of college is a dangerous year for our teen daughters. Studies show that one out of four college girls will be sexually assaulted.  Some older reports suggest that the first seven weeks of college are the most dangerous for girls and those weeks are just right around the corner Mom and Dad.

I’m not sure if Calvin Klein is a sex offender or just plain sexually offensive. His ad doesn’t make me want to run out and buy his jeans. It makes me want to warn parents of the dangers their daughters will soon face going to college. And going into high school for that matter. I know I should add Middle school to the list as well. Showing a half dressed girl sprawled on top of a half dressed guy, while kissing another guy, while yet another guy lays on the floor with his fly open, gives me the chills. The fact that the billboard is up for anyone to see, including young children, offends me. Do we really need girls looking at this picture and thinking hanging out topless with three guys is a safe and sane way to pass the time?

Have we stepped over the boundaries of decency to sell jeans to our teens? The comments and emails  can start in 3, 2, 1…now! I’m all ears.

(Any parents with hands up in the air with questions regarding how to prepare your daughter for college, I see you. )