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Bexting the New Teen Trend

A high school in New Jersey reveals a new passtime for its students: “bexting:” placing bets with their bookies via a text message. Is online betting the new rage in schools across the nation? No word out yet that indicates it is, however, the New Jersey students were placing bets with kids in Florida.

Why the need to discuss this issue? First it is illegal, although authorities say that enforcement isn’t their top priority.

Second, the concern is that this type of betting, starting at a young age, will lead to a serious gambling addiction later in life. 

A state hot-line reported that last year it received over 400 calls from students under the age of 21. Their total amount of bets owed pushed $40,000.

What can a you do as a parent?

1. Calmly open the discussion with your teen about gambling. You may want to ask if they ever gamble, or do they know teens who do?  Find out what is true for you teen.

2. Keep the conversation open about respectful use of cell phones and other technology. The whole world is now available to your teen, make sure the two of you are talking about what they are encountering.

3. Use “COAL” as a guideline for having a conversation: Curiousness, Openness, Acceptance and Love. Use COAL to  create a relationship of trust so your teen can tell you the truth about their life.