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Advice From a Parent

Here’s advice from a parent  who wanted to share. Do you feel the same? Comment box at the bottom of the page. Chime in!

Discourage dating until late high school.  Make it clear that boys and girls are better off being friends until they are ready to have a mature friendship that can potentially become romantic.  Emphasize the immaturity of boys (who are almost always younger in maturity anyway) and that they make better friends at this age than boyfriends. 

Encourage your daughter to read books about serious issues like teenage bullying, saving sex until marriage, spiritual books of your faith and buy them for her.  Take her to the bookstore and point out some books that might be enlightening and get her to think about things that matter.  Girls love reading about real life issues and learn great lessons from the stories in the books.

Take your daughter out regularly for lunch; do your nails together; go shopping; go to the movies and any other fun mother/daughter activity you can think of.  Scrap-booking or making jewelry are other fun activities moms and daughters can do together.  Time together offers opportunity for sharing and communication.