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“The College Kid”

19 year-old Andrew Jenks is like most kids his age. He plays sports, watches some television, and even attends the occasional class. As a college kid, he is searching for his hopes and dreams of the future. He realizes that for the elderly the future often consists of recounting the past. What are their reflections on life now that they have the chance to reminisce on the various steps they have taken? However, when Andrew moves in he finds a world of incredible passion, love, remorse, and a will to live that he could never have imagined.

“The Soldier”

Libby doesn’t take nonsense from anyone. She is a straight shooter, always on guard, and rarely laughs. But when she smiles, it sure is electrifying. Although nearly blind, and hard of hearing, Libby refuses to use hearing aids, glasses, or even a wheelchair for her nightly walks.

“The Journeyman ”

Dotty loves passing time with a little gossip, a lot of walking around the
hallways, and is always in attendance for the daily screening of Jeopardy. Her sense of humor is sharp and quirky. But when Dotty falls ill it is her strength and resolve that ultimately shine.

“The Love Birds”

“Sex?” asks Karl. “Oh, no. Maybe twenty years ago. But not now!” Karl and Betty found love when they met each other in the dining hall. “It was love at first sight,” says Karl. The two can often be found holding hands in the courtyard of Harbor Place.

“The Small Sage”

It is amazing that such a frail frame can pack so much energy in life. She may be 95 but Tammy still feels “100%”. Her pearls of wisdom and booming voice are only interrupted by the occasional X-rated joke. Tammy keeps life in perspective and does her best to make the most of her time in a retirement facility.

“The Man”

Bill wants to have fun. He only wears Hawaiian shirts, loves the chase of a woman, and enjoys stealing canes from his neighbors. His diabetes and signs of dementia stop him from nothing. “I am 80 years old and still learning,” he points out. Oh, and Andrew’s best friend.